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Automatic Doors

P15A100 SLIM
Automated system for sliding doors, single leaf, double leaf, continuous duty. Certified for two million cycles without maintenance.



P16950 BM
Ultra quiet automated system for swing-leaf doors, continuous duty


Truly innovative boom gate designs and uncompromising safety: these are the credentials of the new DITEC Qik barriers.,Soft edges, rounded corners, high performance and suitability for any type of installation environment. Newly designed and technically advanced, Qik is the ideal solution for a totally safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping malls, as well as blocks of flats, companies and camp sites, which always require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use to authorised people only.,Private, commercial or industrial areas increasingly require a means of permitting access and parking to authorized persons only. Today’s technology offers various systems, but barriers remain the simplest and most economical solution for preventing unauthorised occupation of reserved spaces. Our boom gate product line offers a complete range of models for the problem-free control of different sized openings up to 8m in conditions of absolute safety and reliability. SPECIALITY AUTOMATIC DOORS. Innovative access solutions that demonstrate how entrances can be opened and closed dependably, energy-efficiently and enabling barrier-free access. UTOMATIC SLIDING DOOR OPERATORS. Sliding door operators as individual solutions for today’s living requirements – for example the with the pioneering magnetic levitation operating principle. Its integrated SoftMotion technology makes it an exceptionally quiet operator offering an outstanding level of safety. UTOMATIC SWING DOOR OPERATORS. Effortless opening and closing – at a constant speed. Advanced electronics with self-learning microprocessor control ensure optimal power. Automatic swing door operators from sydney smart agtes therefore satisfy a broad range of demands. Dependably, conveniently and with visual allure.

Sliding GateSwing GateBoom GateSolar Sun

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