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From wooden roller doors to up and over steel models, we can recommend a system to suit you. Almost every door in our range can be automated for your convenience. Automated garage doors come in handy for a wide variety of our clients, from busy families without a hand to spare or people who might struggle to lift the weight of a manual door. Our remote control solutions allow you to open the door with a simple push of a button.

Electric Garage Doors

Electric garage doors have many advantages, and the increase in accessibility is just part of their appeal. They also assure high levels of security as once you choose an electric garage opener, you will no longer require keys or handles that can be forced open.

Automatic Sliding Gates.

Easy to use: The door is opened/closed by the means of pressing a button on a small hand-held remote control transmitter.  Some automatic garage systems allow you to operate your garage with your remote from 10 meters away.

Convenient: Ever thought of never having to manually lift your garage door again?  You no longer have to get out your car in the snow, ice, rain, dark or in the hot sun during the day.  Push the button and you’re in.

Secure: Ever had your garage door closed, yet you forgot to lock it with your key?  Never fumble for keys again. Once your garage door is closed, it is locked. It can only be opened by you and your compact remote transmitter.

Automated Garage Doors Are Available To Anyone

Once seen as only available at the high-end of the market, automated electric garage doors have now become available to anyone. This technology makes life significantly easier and can be added to existing garage doors or installed as part of a new system.

Electric Garage Doors

Sydney Smart Gates Doors are specialists in fitting electric garage doors, whether you need an electric operator for your existing garage door or a complete system we can help.

With increased safety, security and convenience or remote opening, an electric garage door is perfect for all homes.
We use the highest quality electric garage door operators from law compliant Sydney. To ensure the longevity of your system we test all-electric operators thoroughly on site.

Automated Electric Garage Doors

Garage doors can be automated using an electric operator and these automatic doors can be opened through the use of remote control or through a panel in a convenient location.
Automatic garage doors are an effective way to keep your property safe and secure,  they only open to the operator and provide a lot of convenience without impacting security.