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Automatic sliding Gates


Motore RB400NICE RB400-RB600-RB1000 
Automatic sliding motor  for residential sliding gates with max.
weight of 400kg - 1000kg



P1FAAC 740 - 741
Automatic sliding motor  for residential sliding gates with max.
weight of 500 kg (740)



P2FAAC C720 24V
Automatic sliding motor for residen(FAAC Patent) New moving axes speed reduction principle Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 400 kg.




                                   Commercial Models 

P3FAAC 746 
Automatic sliding motor for residential and commercial sliding gates with max. weight of 600 kg. Oil-bath with twin-disk clutch.




P4FAAC 844 
Automatic sliding motor for commercial sliding gates with max. weight of 1,800 kg. Oil-bath with twin-disk clutch..


 Sliding Automatic Gate Openers,Sliding automatic gate opener: Diverse properties, whether commercial or residential, require having safety parameters setup along with their boundaries or perimeters. These security parameters or measures come in the type of gates. With gates being the point of exit and entry, due attention must be provided to them once planning a security parameter. Gates don’t just offer security and safety but also add to the entire aesthetic appeal. There are various types of gates to choose from like swing boom as well as a cantilever. The most excellent one to utilise depends on a place this will be setup on. With regards to gates, they could be either automated or manual. For many users, setting an automatic gate sliding is indeed the best option. Benefits of Automatic Door Sliding,Convenient,An automatic gate sliding allows people to enter homes without the need of getting off their autos to open- a clear advantage when it is already late at night or raining. It automatically closes so you do not need to be mindful of locking it after coming in. Safer,An automated gate, sliding comes with automatic lock, safety beams as well as amazing features which boost security. This also eliminates the need of getting out of your vehicle to open and close the gate which reduces the risk of unwanted activities like getting mugged and having your auto stolen.Less Space,The parking area is no longer issues once you choose to have an automated gate sliding for your home. Since this kind of gate slide, landscaping isn’t affected as well as the parking area as well. A small property or home with limited space benefits a lot once this setup a sliding gate.More Functional in Specific Cases and Conditions,There are many cases wherein the automatic gate sliding is better than installing manual swing gate. Automated gates sliding are extremely beneficial for extremely wide and broad openings in homes and commercial structures and also for driveways which have ascendant openings.Extremely Durable,Manufacturing of automatic gate sliding is done with the help of precision system. As such, this gate is made with functionality and durability in mind. Automated gate sliding is done to survive any form of weather-related conditions.Improve Visual Appeal as well as Add Value to Property,Automatic gate sliding is extremely customisable and can easily accommodate performance preferences. You have to determine the size, material as well as the finish as well as its integrated features such as drive system and security devices. The fact that the automatic gate is sliding is extremely customizable; it could improve the exterior of your property. Having this kind of feature could easily enhance the market value of your property and at the same time enhances its appeal in case you want to sell your property shortly.We offer wide selections of automatic gate sliding. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are equipped with years of experience to assist you to find the best and ideal gateway solution that will meet your security needs. You can call us for more information.Sliding Gates,Sliding gates are an ideal automation option, especially when a swing gate is not possible. We would recommend a sliding gate where space is limited in some way (landscaping, boulders, etc.) or the area is required for parking. Sliding gate require storage area. This is the area that the gate slides into when it is in the open position, making the movement area and the entrance area double the size of the actual gate.Sliding gate require a level ground upon which to slide however with the right type of sliding gate operator a slight slope is acceptable. ,Sliding gate motors are designed to neatly fit behind existing walls or fences, without compromising space within your property.,Are you tired of moving your heavy gates again and again? Do you need any solution for that? Then choose our sliding gates. Auto Gates and Fencing provide sliding gates that are easy to operate. You can slide the huge gates sideways without putting heavy effort. The rollers at the base make it easy to slide. As they open sideways, so a huge space can be saved also. Choose our automatic sliding gates for easier operating. Just a click of the button is all it requires. It is the best way to achieve security with style, Its modern design and 24 V motor make it a complete system for sliding residential gates. This product gives reliability and durability.,Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized gate leaves, such as industrial, sliding gates. The new generation electronics allows you to program the command to partially open the gate with warranty, control the proper running of the safety devices and automatically block the commands when any obstacles are detected.It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. all thought up to meet the usage requirements and solve any needs related to considerable weight, and thickness.Automatic sliding gates are widely used because their linear movement means that they do not require large operating spaces. Their automation requires flexible geared motors able to cope with various sized gates, different intensities of use, changing environmental situations, whilst always guaranteeing maximum conditions of safety, practicality and reliable operation. An excellent Automatic entrance option.The Cantilever Sliding Gate System is a very effective solution to a gate entrance where a smooth entryway is favoured. This sliding gate system does not use a track, but a carriage-based system instead. We provide, install and service all parts and accessories connected to the Cantilever Gate System, Nice RB For sliding gates with a gate weight of 500 kg.

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