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Automatic Swing Gates

Domestic ModWingo 2024 Kitels

NICE WINGO 2024 / 3524
Low voltage electro-mechanical gate opener for residencial swing gates single leaf length of 1.8m - 3.5m ( total 3.6m - 7m opening )



Domestic ModP5els

FAAC 390 24V
Low-voltage electro-mechanical operator with articulated arm for residential swing-leaf gates with length of 1.8 m (3 m with electric lock) and for bi-folding doors with single panel.



P6FAAC 391 24V
Gearmotor for residen(FAAC Patent) New moving axes speed reduction principle Low-voltage gearmotor for sliding gates with max. weight of 400 kg.



P7FAAC 413
Electro-mechanical operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 2 m (3 m with electric lock). Built-in mechanical stops.



P8FAAC 415
Electro-mechanical operator for swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max. length of 3 m (415) and 4 m (415 L). Available with or without Limit Switches.



 P9FAAC 402

Hydraulic operator for residential swing leaf gates with single-leaf length of 2 m (402 CBC) and 3 m (402 SBS).



                                   Commercial Models 

P9FAAC 400
Hydraulic operator for commercial and industrial swing-leaf gates with single leaf length of up to 7.00 m.



                                   Underground Models 

P11FAAC 770 - 24V
Low-voltage underground electro-mechanical operator for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf length of 2.5 m and max weight of 500 kg.


Swinging Gates. If space is not an issue double and single swing gates are the best option with a swinging gate generally being safer than a sliding gate. When considering the option of a swinging gate it is important to consider the size of the gate and its movement or operation area. A single swinging gate can be as large as 3 meters wide or up to 6 meters as a double swing with its operation area normally 90 degrees inward. In a situation where the gate position is on a slope the ideal movement should be toward the lower side of the slope to prevent collision between the gate and the ground and to allow smooth operation. Automatic Swing Gate. There are always new add-ons that you can do to your property. This could range from redoing your landscaping to setting up an alarm as well as the security system. One way to both add beauty to your property as well as security is through having an expert setup a swing gate on your property. Accessible in any design and style and any way which you want this automatic swing gate can perfectly link into your fence and provide all types of benefits or advantages. The latest addition to the list of security systems in Australia is swinging gates. These metallic gates give a stunning appearance to the property along with providing safety to the premise. The gates are designed to swing inwards offering an easy access to the property. These are ideal for application in residential and commercial areas. Its automatic gate opening function can be operated from the property or the vehicle. Our company offers both the single and double swing gates in Australia. These are available in varied metallic forms offering our clients a wide range of alternatives. belowground solution. Flexible, fast, and ready to automate swing gates with single-leaf of up to 1.8 m in width. It is ideal for pre-existing closing systems as it simplifies the installers' job and requires no set up work. Up to 1.8 m per gate leaf. Small in size but great in performance. Narrow, compact with an exclusive design, wingo is the new solution for small and medium size swing gates. Easy to install even on pre-existing gates or without any prior preparation, and on very narrow pillars. The best of Came technology and safety concentrated in just a few centimetres. Sturdy, compact and reliable - this describes the swing-gate operator which is the best expression of the reliable Nice technology. Products which can meet even the most complex needs and hold up to the most extreme use, such as in collective areas. the new range of electromechanical actuators for swing gates in residential, condominium and industrial applications. They are designed and developed to ensure quality and strength, while making installation and maintenance easy. Irreversible electromechanical automations for swing gates, they are the ideal solutions for heavy duty applications. Quiet and sturdy, they are easy to install and can be connected to any applications, however complex, such as wings supported by very large or out-of-plumb pillars.

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