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Automatic Gates

We’re extremely proud of the driveway gates we offer to Sydney residents, and we have the hands-on knowledge and in-depth experience to perform routine and challenging automatic gate installs throughout Sydney. We offer a variety of services including: Professional Automatic Gates Sydney

We provide new services Electrical Electricians

Automatic Sliding Gates

For homes or properties with limited space, sliding gates are a great option to help secure your home while leaving your landscaping intact. You do need a storage area for the gate to slide to when you open it, but it’s less than a swing gate. They’re great for residential areas or businesses with tight quarters.

Automatic Boom Gates

If you want a more open gate to help restrict and control the flow of traffic in and out, we have a variety of boom gates options available. You can use them to block off a parking spot, control traffic and more.

Automatic Swing Gates

If space isn’t an issue you have to worry about, a single or double door swing gate in generally safer and more secure than a sliding gate. Swinging roughly 90° inwards, they double their opening space to allow for larger vehicles to pass through. Automatic Sliding Swing Gates.

Solar System

Automatic solar gates are powered by solar energy. There is no need to run mains power down to your gate. All Nice kits use only 1 solar panel (15w, 30w) and 2 deep cycle 12 Volt battery. This makes installation easy and reduces operating costs.

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