FAAC 422

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FAAC 422

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Hydraulic operator for residential swing leaf gates with single-leaf length of 1.8 m ~ 3 m
1.8m (422 CBC)

3 m (422 SBS)

Internal lock on opening & closing


Technical specification:

FAAC 422 – Swing Gate

DutyResidential and light commercial
Max Leaf Length1.2m to 3m per leaf depending on model
Anti-Crush FeaturesHydraulic bypass valves
Optional absolute encoder
Hydraulic LockingAvailable on some models
Special FeaturesPedestrian version available for fast opening times on gates up to 1.2m

Show variants:

Model VariantPart NumberMax Cycles Per HourPower SupplyLeaf Length (Minimum – Maximum)Gate Obstacle Detection
422 CBC 230V10420855230V0.90 – 1.80Encoder option
422 CBACS (0.75l)10420955230V0.90 – 1.80Encoder option
422 SBS10421055230V0.90 – 3.00Encoder option
422 CBAC (1L)10420055230V0.90 – 1.80Encoder option
422 SB (1L)10421255230V0.90 – 3.00Encoder option

Key features:

  • A wide versatile range
  • There is maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to an exclusive hydraulic device
  • Anti-corrosion cover with high weather resistance
  • Key protected, release device
Product details:

Hydraulic operator for residential and condominium swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max length of 1.8 m (422 CBC-CBAC) and 3 m (422 SB-SBS) with single pedestrian leaf length from 0.8 m to 1.2 m (422 PED CBC-SB)FAAC 422 – Swing Gate

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Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions98.7 × 12 × 8.5 cm


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