FAAC 615

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FAAC 615

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Automatic barrier for beams up to 5m.


Technical specification:

FAAC 615 – Barrier Boom

Max Beam Length4m
Approx opening time6 sec
Use frequency50%
Special featuresAvailable with rectangular or round beam
LED beam lighting available as option for round beam


Model VariantPart NumberApplicationUse FrequencyPower SupplyBeam Length (From – To)
615 BPR Standard104906Light commercial50.00%230V2.50 – 4.00
615 BPR standard grey104910Light commercial50.00%230V2.50 – 4.00

Key features:

  • Hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock
  • Ideal for medium transit frequency and for controlling small and medium private areas
  • Anti-crushing hydraulic safety device
  • Manual release by triangular key
  • Already equipped with (magnetic) limit switches
  • Accommodate use of anti-vandal valve FAAC 615 – Barrier Boom

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Additional information

Weight34 kg
Dimensions500 × 14 × 101 cm


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