Who We Are ?

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Sydney Smar Gates are experts in the installation and services of automatic gates. Proudly serving a wide host of customers for over two decades, our dedicated staff has the experience to take care of any gate or fencing needs you have.
Our services extend to include a broad range of items. From maintenance of your automatic fencing to complete installation of a complex gate system, Automatic Driveway Gates has the capabilities and tools to complete the task.

Has a Reputation for Fast and Efficient Repairs

Our staff understand how vital it is for you to have your Sydney smart gates working at peak performance all year round, and this is why we offer maintenance and routine repair services to all of our customers throughout Sydney.
No matter if your gate suddenly stops working, or if you notice that it’s not sliding or swinging as smoothly as it should, our staff can come to your residence or business, inspect the gate, and perform any needed repairs to get your automatic gates running like new again. Our staff are available when you need us because we understand how vital it is to feel safe and secure in your home.
Having your automatic sliding gates or automatic swing gates working and in good repair is critical to achieving this safety and security. With our years of experience and our can-do attitudes, it’s easy to see why we’re an industry leader in automatic gates Sydney residents trust.
If you lose or break a part of your gate or one of the accessories that go with it, we can help there too. We’re able to source or repair broken or missing accessories quickly and easily, and this allows our customers to have their gates back in working order quickly.

Get Ongoing Service and Support from Automatic Driveway gates

Unlike other companies who offer Sydney automatic gates, our services and support don’t end when we finish the installation process. Instead, our customers know that they’ll get world-class support from our dedicated, professional and experienced team of experts.
We excel at every aspect of gate installation, repairs, routine maintenance and support. Our customers know that they can call on us if they have questions or concerns, and we’ll work hard to address any issues quickly and efficiently to help solve their problem.
It doesn’t matter how extensive the support need is, our staff will work to come up with a solution that fixes or addresses the issue so our customers can continue to feel safe and secure in their homes or at their businesses. Our customers can call us any time to address lost or broken gate openers, automatic swing gate issues, automatic slide gate issues and much more.
We don’t stop until our customers are totally satisfied with the products, services and ongoing support they get from Automatic Driveway gates, and this is why we have such a loyal and dedicated customer base that returns again and again for all of their automatic gate needs.

  • Automatic Sliding Gates
  • Automatic Swing Gates
  • Automatic Boom Gates
  • Automatic Door Gates
  • Automatic Solar System
  • Remodeling Services
  • Gates Installation & Repair
  • Door Installation, Repair
  • Technical Repairing
  • Engineering Services
  • Fencing Installation
  • General Site Maintenance
  • Hurricane Preparation
  • Project Remodeling
  • Permitting Services

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We offer a completely free quote for any potential customers who contact us for automatic gates in Sydney! Our staff are ready to answer any questions, address any concerns an tailor a free quote depending on the type of gate you want, your location and anything else you can think of that may alter the cost.
All you need do is contact us! We’re ready and willing to talk with you, give you a quote and get you your own automatic gate today!Sydney Automatic Gate motors